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PSD & ESA Approvals in 24-48 Hours

psd letter

ESA & PSD Letter Approvals in 24-48 Hours

ESA Questionnaire

The first step to qualifying for an emotional support animal (ESA) or psychiatric service animal is to fill out the questionnaire, which will only take a few minutes. We will ensure that all your information is kept confidential. We will give a full refund if the licensed therapist establishes that you don’t qualify for the ESA or PSD letter. All the information you share with us will be saved on the server.
Must be an adult 18+
e.g. dog, cat and other It is essential to note that the Department of Transportation issue guidance restricting the transportation of unusual animals such as reptiles, rodents, and spiders. Most housing providers will also not be very accommodating of ESAs that are not cats or dogs. Airlines and housing providers are allowed to deny animals that may damage property or pose a threat to other people. Notably, we are not in a position to help individuals who want to accommodate more than 3 ESAs.
At this time, unfortunately, we are unable to assist you if you have more than 2 Emotional Support Animals.

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